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Non-Surgical Treatment of Musculo-Skeletal Pain

Are you interested in treating your back pain, foot pain or sciatica issues without invasive surgery? If so, The Center for Manual Medicine is the musculo-skeletal practice for you! Our physicians and staff members are dedicated to creating unique treatment approach that combines methods from chiropractic, PRP & physical therapy, osteopathic and conventional medicine that are designed to relieve pain and restore normal flexibility and motion. Located conveniently in Topeka we're the area's go-to resource for non-surgical treatments of all kinds.


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Topekas Leader

Center for Manual Medicine is Topeka's Leader in:

Non-Surgical treatment of Musculo-skeletal Pain
Integrative care of Musculo-skeletal Pain
Diagnostic and procedural Musculo-skeletal Ultrasound
Regenerative injection Therapies for Musculo-skeletal Pain

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A Combination of Techniques

The reason that our physicians are able to effectively treat all different types of pain is because they combine methods from different areas of medicine. Chiropractic techniques play a major role in what we do, but we also borrow treatments that are common in both osteopathic and traditional medicine. From shoulder pain to headache Photo by  Ryan Weisgerberproblems, our goal is to help patients find relief.

Personalized Treatment Plan

If you've been to several chiropractors and doctors with no help for your condition, let us provide you with a personalized treatment plan that best suits your needs. By closely analyzing your pain and providing you with the most comprehensive plan, you can expect a higher level of relief that provides you with more pain free days.

Stop in and See Us

If you live in or around  Topeka, KS and are suffering from hip pain, arm pain, neck pain or musculo-skeletal pain, call us today at (785) 271-8100 to schedule your appointment. Our experienced staff looks forward to not only treating your pain, but providing you with the useful techniques necessary to prevent your pain from returning in the future.


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"I went to multiple doctors and had many tests to determine the cause of my constant severe and debilitating head and neck pain along with dizziness.  None of the doctors were able to help me until I went to The Center For Manual Medicine and received physical therapy from Matt Elniff, PT.  He provided a comprehensive treatment plan to strengthen and engage muscles, relieve tension, and align the skeletal system.  His expert treatment has provided me with pain free days and I enjoy living life to the fullest again!"

 - Robin C.

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We are located at:

5000 SW 21st St.
Topeka, KS 66604
Phone: (785) 271-8100
Fax: (785) 271-9257

Office hours by appointment
Monday: 8:00-5:00
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For additional availability contact:  Dr. Keen   (785) 383-2111

Call us at (785) 271-8100
The Center for Manual Medicine
5000 SW 21st ST. Topeka, KS 66604
The Center for Manual Medicine is the only area practice certified by the AIUM, (American Institute on Ultrasound in Medicine) for MSK, (Musculo-Skeletal) ultrasound
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