Metabolic Syndrome

What is Metabolic Syndrome?
Metabolic Syndrome is a name of a condition where there is elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and impaired glucose tolerance associated with the development of fat around the abdomen. Problems such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes have all been associated with metabolic syndrome. Many, if not all of these conditions can be regulated with careful maipulation of the diet and regular exercise.

The metabolism is determined by many different factors. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to eat as much as they want and never gain a pound, while others gain weight just by looking at pictures of food. Most people chalk this up to genetics or assume that some people just have a fast metabolism. Although metabolism is affected by genetics, exercise and nutrition are greater factors that place an impact of how well we use and store fat.

With metabolic syndrome testing, we will look at many different areas of what may influence metabolism. Like the "spokes in a wheel" each factor has a significant role in how well energy is used in the body.

1. Nutrition / Hydration
2. General Daily Activity Level
3. Cardiovascular Fitness Level
4. Genetics / Family History (Nature / Name)
5. Body Composition / Blood Composition
6. Medications / Supplements
7. Psychological Outlook (Goal Setting)
8. Diet and Exercise History

Each aspect of metabolism should be addressed in order to make a healthy and permanent change in weight loss. We will develop a metabolic weight loss program for each "individual" based on data from each of these different factors.

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